Whilst I like the idea of the ‘2 pizza team’ as originated by Amazon, at some point we are going to need more than just me on this.

@dentangle literally had this conversation in the office the other day as we were re-arranging VMs to do some maintenance on a couple of nodes. Not a single person noticed, not a single alarm went off. It's witchcraft.

we're currently working on setting up what is honestly quite a small tool to run on a NixOS server and uh

this is one of those open source tools with a company behind it, the documentation is honestly very professional

but the documentation completely does not speak to the concerns a sysadmin has AT ALL. it pushes very heavily to use Docker (in any of ten different ways) and the non-Docker explanation leans on Debian to have already done the hard parts.

@irenes so many times I find a tool to help accomplish a specific goal and then find that this tiny tool needs an army of infrastructure to make it work, when a VM and a DB connection would do for 90% of use cases outside of a corporate behemoth. It's wasteful of time, knowledge and power.

there are certain software systems that are just disrespectful of the time people put into learning them

these are often the same ones that are motivated primarily by the corporate desire to treat workers as interchangeable parts

what we mean by disrespectful is that they introduce a lot of gratuitous stuff we need to know that has nothing to do with the underlying problem, but only with things the tool creator invented

and then they change it on a whim in the next version

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It's #GlobalEncryptionDay!

Time to remind everyone that a backdoor "for the good guys only" is simply not possible.

By demanding encryption backdoors, politicians are not asking us to choose between security and privacy. They are asking us to choose no security. 👇


@bloor yeah. I swapped to one the other week. All done in about 20 minutes, no hassle at all.

Germany's federal anti-discrimination agency has pinned a departure notice on their X account.

"As a state institution, the anti-discrimination agency has a role model function. Therefore, staying on X is no longer justifiable for us. All ministries and other public bodies should ask themselves whether it is still acceptable to remain on a platform that has become a disinformation network and whose owner spreads anti-Semitic, racist and populist content."


I wish I could convey to you the psychological swoop of remembering that there is a whole section of the first Terminator movie where Kyle Reese is teaching Sarah Connor how to make pipe bombs and how differently that will land once you've read this.

(from mastodon.social/@stavvers@mast )

@revk Mickey Mouse, born 01-01-1970 has a lot of WiFi accounts.

@neil @girlonthenet which is somewhat ironic, as I watched him give a talk once and he nearly put the audience to sleep as he sounded bored and no energy. The book is good though.

@ahnlak @neil it's as good as Vodafone. Sent me a PDF with QR code in it for an eSim, the password for the PDF? A postcode, not exactly hard info to find!

@gpunktschmitz @briankrebs @GossiTheDog which those "in the know" know, but the general public don't, and it isn't helped by both Google and MS using answers from it in search results. Once again techbros throwing something out there without considering the consequences.

This is absurd. A fake "foundation" stood up by the governments pushing for mass scanning in order to promote mass scanning proposals...

That "smart lighting" from Philips is about to spy on you in new ways you can't control -- naturally the company is claiming it's to protect you. This is Trump-level lying.


This is a briefing note on the legal rule that computers are presumed to be operating

Happy to hear from anyone with an informed view on this issue


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