🆕 blog! “Let's build a website using XML!”

It is 2023. XHTML is dead and buried. HTML is a "living standard" with billions of users. So what kind of idiot would want to build a website using XML? Me. I am that idiot. Last year, I launched a "web page" which didn't use HTML. Called, appropriately enough, "YOU DON'T NEED HTML!" That (ab)used […]

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@Edent my dissertation, "Scalable software design with specific reference to web hosting automation" used XML and XSLT to convert config data to app conf files e.g. Apache conf, nginx conf depending on the desired output.

@karlaustin @Edent I wrote a system which did just that my own self around 2000. I called it sucx - simple unix configuration in xml. It was a good idea, even if my impl was questionable.

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